@Stake Game, paper version 

Above: Cover of printed guide to implementing the @Stake game which included the paper-based card game. I designed the cover and style guide for the booklet and then oversaw interns laying out the rest of the materials. 
Below: samples of the cards in the @Stake deck, each of which describes the player's role and goals in the game. 
@Stake Game, App Version
The updated version of the @stake app launched in April, 2017. An initial app had been built in unity in 2015, but only worked on limited devices through bluetooth. To expand playability, the new app was designed to be played over a web connection, enabling groups to play remotely, on any device. 
Screenshots of the initial, Unity-based @Stake application. 
I designed all materials for the initial app version of @Stake and worked directly with our programmers to implement the designs. The text-heavy program was made to look game-like through round, sans serif fonts and playful colors. This iteration of the program was used for two years but the bugs we encountered with Bluetooth connectivity spurred us to revamp the project as a web-hosted mobile game, seen below. 

Above: Initial mockups for @Stake Digital v2
We are currently producing the web-based version of the @Stake app; above is one of the initial design docs. We've taken this opportunity to rethink some of the game mechanics, and those product design changes are reflected in the updates to the design. The new iteration of the game is responsive for desktop and all mobile devices and is much more accessible than the last version, which suffered from the limitations of the technology we chose. 
Below: @Stake's landing page mockup, currently in production 
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